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Title of the resource
A List of Digital Tools for Working with Children and Students Additional Support is Needed During Distance Learning
Who am I?
Parent, Person with autism, Care giver
Type of the resource
Website, Video, Mobile application, Virtual game, Assistive technology/software
Languages available
Country of implementation
Type of access
Main description
The list of digital tools in front of you was created to support educational work during distance learning: for teaching and extracurricular activities, educational work, as well as to develop skills for everyday life. The list offers a wide selection of free digital tools for teaching and other activities with children and students with disabilities in development and learning difficulties. Application of these digital tools to employees in education helps to ensure quality and affordable distance learning for everyone child and student.
Type of setting
Mainstream school, Specialized school, Care centre, Home environment, Controlled environment (therapy room/sensory room/specialized lab)
Type of challenge addressed
Sensory needs, Concentration, Challenging behaviour

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