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Outputs / Results

  • IO1: Online searchable Database
  • IO2: Transferred Mobile Engagement and Meltdown Measurement App
  • IO3: Optimisation of autism meltdown framework
  • IO4: Handbook for Teachers and Parents
  • IO5: Pedagogical Framework for children with autism

IO1: Online searchable Database

This includes an overview of relevant literature/videos/news articles collected by all partners in all partner countries, related to autism and its issues/challenges/etc. in school education in terms of identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, and individual learning and behavioural plans.

IO2: Transferred Mobile Engagement and Meltdown Measurement App

  • Fine-tuning of the core AI “engine” for inference of engagement and to predict ‘meltdown’ events, thus delivering an optimised algorithm.
  • Includes adjusted Games to label engagement acting as “Continuous Performance Tests”. Outcomes of these games (such as errors and reaction time) are used to label sensor data so that we can train our AI driven algorithms and they can recognise whether a student with Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) is engaged, even using unlabelled sensor data in the future.
  • Observational Behavioural Checklists to label Arousal – expert observers will use a validated arousal behaviour scale to collect data from students with ASC in normal and aroused states (‘rumble’ and ‘meltdown’ events). These data will act as labels to train our AI driven algorithms to predict challenging behaviour so that it is diffused in good time.
  • Sensor data collected is likely to include:
    • posture and body movement
    • gesture tracking
    • facial expression monitoring
    • eye gaze
    • thermal data
    • other relevant physiological data

IO3: Optimisation of autism meltdown framework

Feedback from testing of our innovative AI-Driven App, Database, Framework and Handbook to support the prediction of engagement and meltdown events in students with ASC.

IO4: Handbook for Teachers and Parents

The Handbook will describe how to apply/use our innovative AI-driven digital tool – including the “What’s Next” approach to improve behaviour, attendance and to engage every young person in learning activities. Includes use of the teacher/parent/carer facing Dashboard (Traffic Lights/Graph-over-Time).

IO5: Pedagogical Framework specifically for children with autism

This framework will encompass a pedagogical approach to guide educators on how to increase the engagement, and address challenging behaviours in students with ASC.

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