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Involvement of students with special educational needs in English classes

On 13 April 2021 we held the first school workshop on the project with 14-year-old students from “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School, Plovdiv. The workshop was attended by students with special educational needs, including children with autism spectrum disorders.

At the beginning, Ms. Ikimova and Ms. Grudeva presented the project, its goals and objectives to the students. Then, an English class was held.

There are two students with special educational needs in the class, who are trained according to individual curricula.

When it was difficult for those students to do the tasks, other students from the class sat next to them and helped them, explaining very carefully how to handle the tasks. At times when there was irritability or increased tension, the teachers intervened and the provocative situation was managed in the best way. Thanks to that intervention and support, the two students were able to overcome the problematic moments and do the appropriate exercises both independently and with the help of their peers. They had to color pictures, write words in English and arrange puzzles. Thanks to the support and the kind assistance of their classmates and teachers, the class ended successfully and everyone was satisfied with the results. All the time we observed mutual help and understanding from everyone. That showed us that the inclusive process was successful and all children were involved willingly and with understanding in all tasks and activities, which increased the likelihood of students with special educational needs to achieve the necessary academic and social progress.

All activities were carried out in accordance with the preventive measures against the spread of Kovid – 19.

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