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Is Inclusive Education Right for Every Child? An Account by the Parent of a Child with High and Complex Needs Due to Autism Spectrum Disorder

There is also an ongoing and passionate discussion about including those students with the most challenging social development and behavioral needs. This article, written from a parent’s perspective, is based on a case report of a 15-year-old teenager with extreme and high-function autism who was increasingly well-resourced under the latest “Intensive Wraparound Service Initiative” and well-supported by the school, the Ministry of Education and his parents. His mainstream schooling stopped after two years of multi-level failure, and he was sent to a special boarding school. This paper explores in depth the problems surrounding its inclusion and the services given to promote its education. It addresses the failure of the program in this instance and whether it was due to any flaws in its inclusion, the intervention and execution plan, the level of funding, or whether it was necessary or practicable to have a child with this level of need in the mainstream.


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